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If you find rippers, scammers, Fake Western Union hacker,Fake dumps with pin, fake hackers in general, please leave a comment that will help others like you avoid scam.

For Western Union Transfer, Robert is the guy you are looking for  his blog . This guy is already verified in various black market from Trade Route to Alpha Bay and some users confirmed receiving money from his mtcn. His email:

If you wish to report any scammer, or fake hackers claiming to be legit Western Union hacker, or they claim to hack money transfer mtcn online or PayPal or have fake dumps with pin, please leave reviews in a comment box below. I will copy all reviews and post here, so others will be aware and avoid scams. Please note I will never answer any comments asking me about the legit hackers! Because the only goal of this site is exposing scammers. I am not responsible for any illegal activities you do after reading this blog.

First, the ultimate purpose of this Website is to help people avoid scams, fake hackers, rippers. I do not encourage anyone looking for illegal stuff by visiting this Website, you will probably loose your money and energy to scammers! I also cannot ensure all the information is correct at 100% as I just collect from others. That’s why you need to share your review when you see something wrong. Finally be a good person and make money by your own!


I respect the right of free speech on this virtual online internet and with purpose of protecting people from scammers, rippers, and fake hackers. I created this website with the aim to expose all the scammers online that scam people by providing illegal services like Hack Western Union Money Transfer, Sell – Buy Dumps Track with Pin, Sell Cvv,Hack Moneygram, Hack Paypal transfer for sale or Bank Transfer.

Please note that I can not make sure all the content of scammers or legit is 100% correct as User Claimed, thats why people should speak out their opinion so we can discuss and help others!

I can assure that you will hardly find legit hackers online and many of you will lose your money to the scammers!

For those who experienced illegal activities of fake hackers, scammers, ripper, please post anything related to them such as domain of Websites, name of them, their contact: emails, yahoo, skype, phone etc in a comment box. I will collect and post it here for others to avoid scammers.

Here is the list of Scammer, Rippers have been reviewed by Users Online. These scammers claim selling credit card information, dumps pin track data, hack western union, money gram transfer, paypal account, skrill, bank logins, hack facebook passwords, gmail account, skype, etc. Please stay away from them!


if you are in the US or Canada and you have a credit card or a bank account with good limits, it doesn’t matter if your credit card is maxed out. message.







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( scammer ) ( scammer ) ( big scamer online ( scammer with a scam site ( Scammer ) ( scammer, dont deal with him) +12243600838 ( scammer, dont deal with him) whatsapp +1(631)652-2224 ( trust and 100% legit ) (Scammer) ICQ no 722036495 (Scammer and ripper) Text +1 (408)560-2297 (Scammer. dont deal with him) ( He’s a scammer, dont deal with him) WWW.SHADOWZONE.TECH (Scam Site.)

Email: ( He’s a scammer, dont deal with him) WhatsApp: +1 (901) 586-2195 ICQ: 724701350

premiumhack95@gmail com ( Scammer and a ripper) (Scammer) ( real and legit ) (Scammer, dont deal with him) ( scammer) ( Scmmer, dont deal with him) ( dont deal with him, he’s a scammer) ( scammer, dont deal with him) ( He is a scammer)

+1 601 228 3557 ( Scammer) (Ripper) ( Scammer) +1(813) 967-8790 (Ripper) ( Scammer) ( Scammer) ( Scammer) ABAKUMOVVANSIN@gmaIL.COM (Scammer) +19569439333​ (Scammer) Whatsapp:+13189951218 ( Scammer) ( Scammer, dont deal with him) ( Scammer, stay away from him) ( Scammer, dont deal with them) ( Scammer) ( Ripper)​ ( Scammer) expeditehackers@gmail​ ( Dont deal with him, he’s a scammer) ( Scammers) scam site

extremehackers01@gmail ( Scammer)

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459 Replies to “Scammers Review List – Back To Home”

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          • U all should be wise and report this website, is a Scam, a way to scam people, I bought western Union transfer but got nothing , this website is scam big scam , if u write his name in full and report as scam the comment wouldn’t go through that’s why I wrote it in a short form , rob

          • Its too good to be true..
            I used to trust this method before,, but i realize that its impossible.. i start my own real business, clothing business and now i can get about usd 1000 a week..

  3. Hi
    I have purchased a software for $250 from Hackers Community we spoke for about 2 days before the transaction happens and after I had made payment he stopped all communication and kept on saying he will send it in few minutes till today nothing has happened. This guys is a big SCAMMER be careful of him

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  5. SCAM!!

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    Icq = Jack Warsaw. Icq= 485083

  8. Hello ! I will try Robert the next week ! I am so happy to try ! I will tell you how it is !!! Kisses !!!

    Wu code/#+1 (256) 667-0591

  10. DONT DEAL WITH Andersonship on Pax Romana !!!


    Asked for a hacking job on Pax Romana market. Paid 2500 in an escrow, however the market finalized the order early without me knowing and the vendor kept asking for 500 more or he wouldnt complete the job.
    So I assume the market and the vendors are teaming up !?

    No response from support of Pax Romana…

    Whatsapp:+44 7451 205607
    Wickr me: solutionmaster
    Telegram: jamescoo
    ICQ , 743321378

  11. Purchased a transfer from raintransfer52 – after you pay – you wont hear from him again.
    In a rush to get your money then goes MIA.This is all his info:
    Telegram: raintransfer52
    ICQ: 750506010
    Whatsapp : +84702789919
    Also goes by accessdollars.
    you will be ripped off – Stay away from this PUNK!!!!!

  12. @Anonrevon on Telegram ***** RIPPER/ SCAMMER!
    @Reymoney on telegram ***** RIPPER/SCAMMER! ***** RIPPER/SCAMMER! on ICQ ***** RIPPER/SCAMMER!

  13. hi, ill like to know if are scammers cos i want to buy bank transfer form them and ill like if anyone could refer me to a legit vendor for UK bank transfer, thanks.

  14. is a fucking scammer is a scammer
    please add him to your list


    Dont trust this guy…scam me for 700$. Sold me a WU software( 450$) with a dead key. Tell me to activate at 8am next morning. If something happen. He will refund me…. I log on at 8h15. The key was no good! Tell me i should be activated a 8am flat not 8h01.

    After ask for 750 for another key…i said no. Finaly i deal me 250 for 6 month key. I paid, i said i get back to you in 4 hr to work on the key. 2 hour later p, i said…no more 6 month key. Send 500$ more for a life key.

    Mother fucker. Dont trust this scammer. He keep talking with you none stop and calling you bro….

    • I have. lucky he’s the first person I tried for this kind of service I’m so happy this site pointed me in the right direction

  16. got my transfer yesterday and everything worked well his site is down so I contacted him via his email. goodluck folks will be doing more transfers soon

  17. I wanna try it to do a transfer with robert but im so scared, it’s my last money then i can’t pay electricity and stuff … he is legit ? can i trust him ?

  18. The email is aso a hacker;
    Whatapp is 32460212685;
    After he receives money from you, nothing will do for you and don’t reply your message.

  19. GeekGuide- 747592509

    ICQ name “Master card’s New Update 100%” and “Verified card” and its icq @712303093.
    Scammed me of few hundred. … careful guys
    Please add to scame list. Thanks

    • I think ivanskimmers control the darkweb infos. He is also rescator,btw thats my opinion becouse russian are crazy.Rescator is never found many years ago,ivanskimmers use escrow also i think there is a not chances to cheat on someone.Thank my opinion but im searching also for some feedback or review but thry are very secure.I will make a deal with him and will report.Good luck

    • it is true. CARDING.TEAM is a scam!!

      i have bought a service than they blocked my account!!


      I have screenshots etc.

  20. Does anyone know if Robert has other payment methods than bitcoin? Bitcoin is not available in my state and I cannot purchase it nowhere.

  21. is a scam site don’t deal with this guys. the whole site is a scam. after you pay they will kick you out of the site and redirect to a porn site. APEX STORE and VRocker is a scam.

  22. Please Admin update this website for 2018/2019 scam hackers to keep us informed with the latest scammers. Thanks.

    • I got my transfer 2 days back and I already spent all the cash lol, I will be buying a transfer soon tho. it’s fucking real

    • Yes i got screwed by today! I have all the emails going back and forth with this crook. I did everything accordingly to what he wanted and i got nothing in return. I paid $400 in total. $200 for the Western union transfer that never went through because of reversal refund, then i purchased him 2 itune cards for $100 a piece. I don’t know and understand why people scam real people that do what’s right on their end. just took my last and ran off. Please guys for your own protection and safety of your funds. Be aware of these kind of scam hackers. Remember is a scam and very convincing that you will get paid, but once he gets what he wants, your left wondering why me???

      • Same thing happened with me and
        I sent $200, then when I went to western union, the MTCN was invalid, he said that it was blacklisted and that I had to do a PayPal transfer, so I purchased a $50 ITunes gift card. Then he says, he can’t do it. I’m like wtf. Then i sent another $250 for PayPal transfer, then he says they can only transfer to Europe PayPals, my PayPal is US & that is “risky” so I would have to pay another $300 so he can purchase some bs or whatever he said so he could do the PayPal transfer. I said can I have a western union or Moneygram transfer instead? He said NO. I’m like wtf give me a refund. He said refunds take 3 days, and haven’t heard from his crook ass since!

      • Sorry for the loss I have faced the same problems with vendors. Keep me posted on any legit vendor you come across and I will do the same to you

    • Also WUCODE.INFO phone number is +1 256-667-0591.
      Don’t be fooled guys!!! Their website is VERY convincing. But after doing some research, it seems like their hacking services ONLY work for people in EUROPE not the USA. but they refuse to tell you that before you spend your hard earned money, which makes them scammers.

  23. Got scammed twice until I met Robert, I have been with Robert ever since and thanks Robert for the successful transfers

  24. I need help. 2 people scammed me of 200$. I need legit WU hacker. Don’t trust bytehacks and this number 12068800684

  25. Anybody know about ?

    A user there name VRocker sells WU transfers. Wondering if it’s legit.

    Almost got sucked into Prince’s WU transfer sale on

  26. Ripper: http://deepmar57fbonfiw.onion

    I made an order on the website, and out of curiosity, I started in boxing other vendors, while my “order” was to be processed. Interestingly, the vendor responded 8 hours later stating that I had not paid, which I had already done. I shared the Transaction ID and other stuff, then 12 hours later, the vendor said it is being processed.

    I had already informed the Support Team of the experience I am undergoing but to date, no one from the support has acted even despite effecting total refunds under their “escrow”.

    Do not dare think of even buying their products.

    • there are a lot of fakes out there and i have been scammed a couple times but robert is the real deal, i am up to my 13th transfer and you wouldn’t believe how drastically my life has changed. try him and it might be the best decision you ever made

  27. why is this Robert guy not popular yet, I guess everybody wants to keep the good stuff to themselves including me
    Thanks for referring Robert, best decision of my life

  28. BOOM!!!! transfer was successful with $10000 in my hand gonna get myself some pussy first then a better phone then i’m coming right back for another transfer

  29. after seeing the comments, i tried his paypal transfer and it came through even huge amounts came through
    100/100 for robert

  30. I am going to purchase , this review is not fake . Will update after I receive my MTCN or get scammed for the 5th time . 🙁 Wish me luck

  31. Third transaction so far, happy that this still works
    thanks robert and i might try your hacking services soon for a friend of mine

  32. I’ve been buying transfers from Robert for 8 months straight now and I just came here to say what a great person Robert is. With his help, I’ve gotten my life back together and I’m out of debt. I used to be depressed and suicidal cause of the debt and constant stress.Thank you once again

  33. i and my friend just got both our transfers from robert. We couldn’t believe it when the cash was in our hands, thank you robert
    and also thank this site for referring us to robert

  34. I tried robert’s hacking skills and he’s pretty good Successfully got a Facebook login and Instagram login for me in the span of 3 days

    • After seeing your complain, i decided to buy from robert. This dude ain’t fucking around, in less than 2 hours my mtcn was ready and i cashed it out the same day

  35. got my transfer, i was scared it was a fake mtcn number but it worked and i got my cash. Kudos to robert
    will absolutely come back for more. lol.

  36. purchased a transfer and received it in less than 4 hours
    What the hell? didn’t believe how fast robert made the transfer, thank you for providing robert’s contact and thank you to robert for this

  37. can anyone tell me how recent their transaction was with robert and whats the minimum he charge. if he can do 60 for 500 to build trust then ill try rite now. if not i need hard evidence or trusted reviews to start. please and thanks

  38. The wait was the most nerve wrecking part of the transaction, but i got my transfer. I have never been this happy in my entire life
    God Bless You Robert

  39. Please add as a fake western address is kloviaclinks Kloviaclinks cheated me $350. Add…..his watsapp number is +1 631-743-3959 this is also a scammer worthless cheap ripper.This cheated me $100.

  40. Why is that no people encouraging Robert is trustworthy hacker? I mean, if this is legit. No comments of thanks from all who bought his product? Guys reply so I could know. Needed help as well.

    • I got my transfers really fast. I don’t know about his hacking services but his transfers are legit, you can try his hacking services and tell us how it goes

  41. Chyberhacktivist1@gmail Scam took 350 then said ii need my phone now gone to ground scum Dog Be warned what a piece of shit u are.

  42. Stunning money! my friend used data in an email from their business team and took cash away from WU Agent, sames as you guys i paid $250 then received $2000. But as Robert said, we should not use the same receiver information, instead we can change the receiver name, like me i did not use my information, i used my friend information and let him get cash

  43. BuRn icq 678951 is a ripper.i send him money by PM and he give me invalid dumps,after that he don’t want talk with me anymore.
    his pm USD account:U3641558
    he also use the Carder$ Only!!!
    i already make the screenshot,so who want the proof about payment and the discussion

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